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The Sunday Buzz

A series of rock 'n roll matinee shows at Cafe` 9
3-6pm every Sunday.

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Studio Take-Over: The Sawtelles

The Sawtelles have been a favorite in Connecticut for a long time now. This summer, they’ll host two great shows at The Never Ending Bookstore. To celebrate these summer shows, they took over the airwaves at – and you can listen right now! (click above). The Sawtelles Summer Performances at The Never Ending Bookstore:

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The Beer Show – Thimble Island Brewery

Episode #1 Brewery: Thimble Island Brewery Visit Date: 6/25/16 Air Date: 7/5/16 Frank Critelli & G. Gone visited this local Connecticut Brewery, sample their beers, and chat about the experience. Many Thanks to the fine folks at Thimble Island Brewery.

The Beer Show

1st Tuesday of each Month 7:30pm et Once a month, our own Frank Critelli & G. Gone visit a local Connecticut Brewery and sample their beers. Armed with growlers of their favorites, they return to the studios and record a show about their experience. Crack a cold one & tune in. There are a

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Ticket Giveaways is constantly getting tickets to giveaway, from promoters, venues, and even artists. Whenever we are giving tickets away, we will post them on our TICKET GIVEAWAYS page. Bookmark that page/link, and stop by often. You never know what great area shows we’ll be giving away tickets for next…

Interview with Richard Neal

Richard Neal is am extraordinarily respected and exquisitely loved musician in CT. I am proud and fortunate to call him my friend.

Interview with Sarah Borges

I talked with Sarah Borges on the telephone, and I found her to be a very nice person. I liked her even more when I saw her band live at Cafe Nine as part of The Sunday Buzz Series – solid countrified rock ‘n roll.

Stream of Consciousness Review: Emitt Rhodes

Stream of Consciousness Review by Frank Critelli Emitt Rhodes – Rainbow Ends   Being an abused husband can be toe-tapping and melodic. Clean. Well-recorded. All the right notes (for better or worse). Actually, Emitt is fairly badass for an old softy. Shit – now I actually feel sorta sorry that this swell fella had to

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Stream of Consciousness Review: Belle of the Fall

Stream of Consciousness Review by Frank Critelli Belle of the Fall – Earthbound   Beautifully recorded. Lovely vocals. Simple but effective instrumentation. Persistently understated. A playful slow-dance. “They’ll” probably play the fun tracks on the radio. And although they are a welcome distraction, those tracks aren’t necessarily characteristic or representative of Belle of the Fall.

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